Bram Stoker Park

This small park is just across from 15 Marino Crescent where Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula, was born.

Clontarf Promenade

Stretching about 3 km from Fairview Park to the Bull Wall at Dollymount the Promenade is 40 metres wide and is about 26.5 hectares in extent. 

Reclaimed from the sea in the 1920s and finally completed and landscaped in the late 1950s, this amenity is a popular location for a bracing seaside walk. 

It is maintained by Dublin City Council, Parks & Landscape Division.

Fairview Park

Originally a tidal mud flat which was used for land fill in the early 1900’s, the 20 hectare park was developed in the late 1920s and is maintained by Dublin City Council, Parks & Landscape Division.

Facilities: Athletics; Tree-Lined Walks; Playing Fields; Playground; Basketball Court, Changing Rooms, Interactive Play Area; Skateboard Park; Seasonal Bedding Area; Seating.

St Anne’s Park

Originally the estate of Arthur and Benjamin Lee Guinness, purchased by Dublin City Council in 1939. The 270 acre includes woodland paths and walkways along the Nanekin River.

It hosts several events throughout the year, including the summer Rose Festival and weekly Farmers Market.

Facilities: Leisure Walks; River; Football Pitches; Tennis Courts; Boules Courts; Floral Schemes; Play Areas; Dog park; Pitch & Putt; Rose Garden; Arboretum; Picnic Areas; Allotments; Tearooms.

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