Marino Community Clean-Up

Dublin City Council provide equipment (hoes, shovels, brushes, bags, gloves, hi-viz vests, etc).

You can join the group on the monthly clean-ups or organise with your neighbours to clean-up our road or section of road, at a time that suits.

If you would like to get involved, you can email and have your contact details added to the email distribution list.

Community Garden

The Community Garden (beside the ESB building inside the railings on Marino Park) was established in 2017 and continues to be maintained and developed by a group of residents.

The garden is in two sections and includes seats for residents to sit and enjoy the garden.

Work in the garden is generally carried out in Spring and Autumn on Saturday morning from to 12.00 noon.

You can just drop down or contact to find out more.

Marino’s Urban Forest

There is a local Marino Tree Group that work with the Marino Residents’ Association and Dublin City Council (pictured) to protect and preserve our urban forest.

Over the past number of years in consultation with the entire community, they have developed a 15-year Pear Tree Replacement Plan. An online map of this plan is available here.

This will gradually remove the problematic pear trees which were planted on certain streets in Marino and, once the roots die back, replace them with more suitable and long-lasting trees.

More information can be found on Facebook at marinotrees or contact

Biodiversity Project

Local communities can play an important part in addressing the increasing threat to our natural heritage, species, habitats and ecosystems.

An alarming number of bees and butterfly species are threatened with extinction because of the reduction of pollinator flowers and safe sites in our landscapes where they can survive and thrive.

The Biodiversity Project commenced in Autumn 2019. A group of resident volunteers are involved and supported by Dublin City Council Biodiversity Officer and the Parks Division.

A number of sites have been identified throughout the estate that can be planted and managed with pollinator flowers and plants.

You can play a part by:

  • Planting appropriate flowers in your garden
  • Reducing the number of times you mow your lawn
  • Reducing the use of pesticides

Information can be found at

Want to help out?